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Currently in Atlanta

Studying @ Georgia Tech

A Cleveland Native

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I am a current student at the Georgia Insitute of Technology in Atlanta Georgia. I'm currently studying to be Business Major with a concentration in IT management. I'm also pursuing a minor in Computing & Intelligence. I currently live in Atlanta, but I am from Cleveland, Ohio. Programming and entrepreneurship are my passions. I have been programming since the 7th grade. I started off making websites in PHP and soon progressed to larger projects involving multiple languages and skills. My greatest achievement was successfully launching my own app Vamonos! after competing in several pitch competitions.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Marc Frankel

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May 2018 - Aug 2018
NCR Corporation - NCR Silver

Product Analyst Intern

Helped create, design, and implement new products and changes for the NCR Silver Commerce add-on. Additionally helped on marketing material and contacting users for feedback.

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017
Data Acuity Solutions LLC

Lead Web Developer

Worked with the President of the company to develop their new website and comprehensive IT sulutions for all their backend needs like email.

May 2017 - July 2017
StreamLink Software Inc.

Product Design Intern

Helped document database in preperation of an API release and worked with the dev team to increase overall speed of the software.

May 2015 - Sept 2018
Vamonos LLC

President & CEO

Founded the company using seed money from pitch competitions in May 2015. Ran the company while programming the backend in PHP and working to launch the app.

Summers 2012 - 2015
Predicitve Service LLC

Network IT Intern

Worked three concecutive paid summer internships in the IT department. Help spin up new servers and worked company's help desk.


2016 - 2020
Georgia Institute of Technology

BSBA with a Minor in CS

I am currently persuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in IT Management. I'm also persuing a minor in Computing & Intellegence.

2012 - 2016
University School High School

High School Degree

Gradutating with high honors, I was also part of a special business program in high school and competed in several pitch competitions.

Hours Worked
Projects Done
Programming Langauges
Lines Written

My Capabilities

Programming skills

PHP 95%
MySQL 80%
Python 3 75%
Javascript 60%

Design skills

Illustrator 84%
Photoshop 53%
Photography 50%
Adobe Premier Pro45%


Check out my work

Vamonos! Logo

Vamonos! Website

Website for Vamonos LLC's app. Vamonos LLC is an App company startup I co-founded. The website is highly responsive and mobile compatible.

Data Acuity Solutions Logo

DAS Website

Website for Data Acuity Solutions LLC. I was hired to design their new mobile-ready website from scratch and implement an IT backend.

Investfolio logo


InvestFolio is a web API and website created for HackGT 2017 @ Georgia Tech. The purpose of the api was to preform stock predictions using machine learning.

Github Logo

Github Page

To see some of my smaller random projects I've worked on please check out my GitHub account. Everything there is open source as well.

Free Text Polls

A website I'm currently creating for fun. It provides people free access to virtual polls and allows users to cast their votes using multiple ways.

Hosting Services

Quality Managed Hosting


As a managed server, I make sure they are always kept up to date with the most recent security updates.


Along with hosting your website or service, I'm also happy to help create an amazing mobile-ready website.


When you decide to host and work with me you can rest assured you will receive top class support and indiviual attention.

My Hosting Offers


$ 8 Monthly

512MB of RAM

1 core processor


1TB of bandwith


$ 13 Monthly

1GB of RAM

1 core processor


2TB of bandwith


$ 23 Monthly

2GB of RAM

2 core processor


3TB of bandwith

*Other plans available upon request


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Atlanta, GA

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